One of the downfalls of being a website designer is having that constant nagging feeling that you need to change, update, re-vamp, make it cleaner, more modern…it can be exhausting! I tell all my design clients to plan on a re-design every 18-24 months to keep it fresh and to keep up with the changing technology..maybe I update mine just a little bit more:)

This website has seen so many changes in the last 6 years, from a time when it was pattern..color..more pattern…more color… then onto black and white..only black and white! Then Pinterest hit and it HAD to look like a Pinterest board, then every website designer got on that bandwagon and I needed to change it up again to be a little high tech, with computer screens holding slideshows and galleries…ok, I’m tired just thinking about it!

I am really excited about the launch of this design, it just feels like me, exactly how I am feeling in my life and my business. It feels clean, simple and modern. Such a difference then the type of site I had 6 years ago, filled with pages and pages of who I am, why I am different, why I am better, everything I can do for you, sell,sell, sell!

This site just speaks so much of who I am today as a photographer, no longer worried about offering the latest products and upsells, using crazy lenses to create cutting edge (and also quickly dated) imagery, and worried about the latest strategy, special or contest. What I offer now is beautifully created, modern, classic images. Everything is simplified, digital images are included with every session, with the choice of 5, 10 or all your digital files. There is no high-pressured ordering session, where you have 30 minutes to make your final decision.  With your online ordering cart you have a relaxing 2 weeks to go through your images and select everything that you can’t live without:) All my pricing is upfront, no surprises, we both know what is expected, so the pressure is off. I can already feel that my 2014 season will be the best season yet.

One new and exciting addition to my business (that I have been working on for quite a while) is the expansion into food and product photography. I seem to be doing more and more of this type of photography as an addition to my website design clients and their business’s, so I decided to take it a step further and also offer it on my photography site. The process of food photography is so much more then I could have imagined, but I have really enjoyed the learning curve and the new direction my business has taken. I can be contracted for food and prop photography, as well as photo shoot styling and editing. Her is a preview of some of my latest work:

blog food 1blog food 2blog food 3


I am now booking summer and fall 2014, please fill out the booking form at the top of the page under the “inquire” tab, or email me at Alison@happygirlphotography with any questions.

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